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The salvage machine is introduced when the old gardening cloths are cleaned.

The waste material used in the cleaning process of waste plastics gardening and grass weeds is introduced, which is specially used to pick up waste plastics that are washed or floated in water (i.e., in cleaning cans, cleaning cylinders, cleaning basins). It consists of four parts, driving motor, decelerator, conveyor belt and transverse axis. It is characterized by that the conveyor belt runs through the active roller and the passive roller, and a number of hoppers are installed on the conveyor belt, the passive rollers are installed at the bottom, the active rollers are installed on the upper part, the tail ends of the driving rollers are equipped with pulleys, and the pulley is connected with the reducer and the driving motor.

The horizontal axis of the machine is equipped with a number of blades and a straight gear with no end sleeve, and the belt and spur gears are arranged parallel to the horizontal axis, the belt wheels are coaxial with the straight gears, and the straight gears with parallel settings are meshed with the non straight spur gears of the transverse shaft, and the pulley is connected with the reducer and the driving motor.

The belt wheel on the active roller is arranged in parallel with the transverse axis, and there are several wheel grooves with different diameters on the rim of the wheel. After adopting the material feeder, the driving wheel on the output shaft of the motor is driven. First, the gear on the input shaft of the reducer is meshed with the gear on the output shaft through the V belt, which slows down the speed of the belt pulley on the output shaft, and is suitable for the need of gardening and grass prevention cloth. The belt pulley on the output shaft is driven by the V belt to drive the pulley on the driving roller. When the rotary active roller, the conveyor belt and the passive roller are connected to drive each other, the hopper installed on the conveyor belt realizes the feed action along with the transmission. The driving roller and the driven roller made of a drum, and the roller surface roughness, can prevent skidding and transporting the eccentric water.

At the same time, deceleration belt wheel and an output shaft, and through the V belt drive a belt wheel, the gear gear and pulley coaxially on the same horizontal axis of the meshing, realizes two axis parallel transmission, thus obtained the horizontal axis with the driving roller rotating in the opposite direction, so as to make up for. A hopper in the water fishing material when the waves and poke around the material. The blades on the rotating horizontal axis can not only turn back the waste gardening and grass prevention cloth out of the hopper, but also generate water from the blades to attract other materials, so that the next hopper can get material.

Generally speaking, the fishing machine has the following advantages: the structure is not complex, easy to make, easy to repair and durable. It can save manpower and improve production efficiency by using it. It not only can be used as a material collecting equipment in production line, but also can be applied to small manufacturers, and rubber cleaning and bailing equipment can also be made.


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