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How does the gardening plant deal with the decline in profit in 2017?

According to the information given in our department statistics, the scale of horticultural anti grass cloth enterprises in 2013 the main business income of 63 billion 294 million yuan, total profit of 2 billion 513 million yuan, with a total annual profit of 59.62% year-on-year growth, profits accounted for 3.97% of revenue; expected in 2017 the main business income of 71 billion 225 million yuan, total profit of 3 billion 501 million yuan, and a total annual profit growth is estimated to be about 59.40%, in recent years, China's horticultural anti grass cloth main business income increased steadily, the average main business income of 92 billion 111 million yuan, total profit can reach 4 billion 69 million yuan.

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Through the above data we can see that the profit of the gardening grass proof cloth enterprise is meager, accounting for only 4-5% of the total income. The least year - year increase in profit was in 2008, only 1595%, more than double the rest of the year, which was affected by the world financial crisis. Due to the influence of related raw materials and the increase of labor cost, the profit point of 2017 will continue to decline, and the market of horticultural grass cloth products will be faced with severe challenges.

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