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Review the correctness of the forecast for the development of grass proof cloth during the 12th Five-Year

The industrial pattern of grass proof cloth marks a country's industrial distribution area and intensive degree (cluster) and so on. The change of industrial pattern is an important event of an industry.

Prediction of "12th Five-Year" period, large-scale anti woven grass cloth enterprise migration will be of interest. Plastic flow of small scale industrial migration is happening all the time, the trend is the development of migration from rural areas to more remote areas of poverty. This will not have a great impact on the pattern of grass proof cloth industry. Of more concern is the poverty-stricken self woven industry and large chemical, oil, salt and sugar to do business diversified chemical enterprise will A new force suddenly rises. Plastic industry cluster local government support will be development. But there is no "11th Five-Year" period of rapid.

Whether it is plastic industrial clusters or the rise of new chemical enterprise, is conducive to the common features of anti grass cloth industry survival, namely cheap labor, raw material supply line, product sales close, export trade port in favorable conditions. This is a trend in the future five years of anti woven grass cloth industry pattern changes, but also with the market economy of our country gradually mature inevitable result.

In the next five years, in the world economic system, the market economy in our country more mature conditions, China's anti woven grass cloth industry cluster approach to layout will be more reasonable, adapt to the "economic law of the students out of" the survival of the market. This article comes from:


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