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What are the advantages of plastic gardening cloths in the packaging industry?

Shandong Weifang Xin Hao plastic woven bag Co., Ltd. friendship announcement:

What are the reasons for the widespread and widespread use of plastic gardening cloths in the present society? Maybe few people ask for this thing. Today, we might as well discuss what are the advantages of a woven bag. The advantages are mainly in the following aspects:

1, the grass cloth is very light, for the small amount of friends, it is very easy to carry.

2, gardening grass proof cloth is made of woven equipment, that is, it is self-evident, it is a complex interlacing, so it is not suitable to break.

3, woven bag is a kind of packaging that can be reused, but it can't be repeated. Oh, that is to say, it can only be reused for about three times. It will be weathered after a long time.

4, gardening grass proof cloth price is cheaper, and the volume is relatively large, so a lot of friends have received the favor.

5, the anti grass cloth surface printing writing, now use some simple ink cleaner can be easily cleaned, also worry about the other company's pitchman.

With the description of the above points, we should all understand why gardening is so popular. Thank you for your exchange. This article comes from:


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