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Is the role of gardening cloth only used to prevent grass? Are there any other functions

We all know gardening cloth, is an important part of our agricultural products, but also with the development of modern agriculture and the rise of gardening cloth is no longer in the traditional sense of the functional requirements, so he is the original single weed control performance, there is no other functions?
Yes, well, the original function of the gardening cloth is really very simple, and we don't think of other functions.
But in fact, the original gardening cloth function is not for other purposes, but we did not find it, he is not only the shop on the ground to prevent the growth of grass, and in fact, can also be used in the ground, to prevent spread of weeds, except the shop, also can stand up to use Oh, this is our learn from the use of many foreign units to, but in the country has not yet been used, is not a new application direction?
So, for a gardening cloth, we're going to be good at discovering and discovering more of his new uses:
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