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Weed Mat & Ground Cover Fabric

  • PE Woven Weed Mat
  • PE Woven Weed Mat
  • PE Woven Weed Mat
  • PE Woven Weed Mat
PE Woven Weed MatPE Woven Weed MatPE Woven Weed MatPE Woven Weed Mat

PE Woven Weed Mat

Product Weed Control Mat, Ground Cover Fabric, Landscape Fabric, Weed Barrier
Material PE (polyethylene)
Anti-UV Yes
Weight 70GSM-180GSM
Color Black, Green, Brown and customized.
Size The width is 50cm - 700cm, length is follow your requirements.
Packing By Roll/Piece in Polybag/Carton or customized
Applications Agriculture planting, Gardening, Landscaping, Horticulture, Silt Fence, Geotextile etc.
Features & Functions 1) Excellent weed control reduce the cost and help to provide healthy soil to produce organic food.
2) Exceptional permeability of water, air, fertilizer which are good for plants growing.
3) Non-toxic, UV protection and Durable tear-resistance for long working life.
4) Easy to move and cover because of Lightweight and follows natural ground contours.
5) Keep workplace clean and marking-lines improve working efficiency.
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